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  • The choir membership cost is $140/month. Returning members and alumni who are registering for the first time since our last in person term (or since Virtual Pop Choir) will be added to our auto-enrolment list for the subsequent months. If you are already on our auto-enrolment list, you're all set!

  • Choir members may pause their memberships and auto-enrolment for the following month, as long as two weeks' notice before the start of the new month is provided. 

  • If a choir membership is paused in the middle of a choir term, participation in term-end events will be up to the discretion of the choir director. 

  • If a significant number of rehearsals were missed leading up to a performance event, participation in the event will be up to the discretion of the choir director.

  • Membership spots will not be held for members who have paused their membership for more than 1 month.


Choir membership fees cover the weekly rehearsals, pre-recorded practice tracks and sheet music, custom modern choral arrangements, rehearsal recordings and virtual live-streaming, and one term-end animal rescue or mental health fundraiser concert or a music video shoot with a live professional band. Your membership fees also help us provide meaningful, enjoyable and immersive rehearsal sessions in a warm, inviting and inclusive space that is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system and specifically curated with our members in mind.

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