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Music has always played a significant role in Conall's life. From the moment his brother taught him his first guitar chords, he has had a deep passion for exploring new instruments and creating music with friends.

Seeking to become more comfortable with singing and performing in front of an audience, Conall joined the Donegal Contemporary Chorus in his hometown of Donegal, Ireland, in 2019. This experience allowed him to develop his vocal skills and gain confidence on stage. After emigrating to Vancouver, Conall discovered Chorus Studio in 2022 and joined the B-Roll tenors. Here in our vibrant community, his passion for developing his craft and collaborating with fellow musicians has only continued to grow. In addition to his exceptional vocal talents, Conall has also taken on the role of tenor section leader. In this capacity, he helps to organize additional rehearsals and seamlessly integrate new members into the group. 

Beyond his involvement at Chorus Studio, Conall is a qualified secondary school teacher. His expertise spans a range of subjects, including design, technical graphics, woodwork, and construction. However, Conall has since decided to change course and is now enjoying a career in the construction industry as a carpenter.

As our hardworking studio assistant, Conall plays a crucial role in keeping our operations running smoothly. He takes care of the behind-the-scenes work necessary to ensure our studio remains a welcoming and productive space for all our students and choir members. Whether it's setting up equipment, managing the studio inventory, or lending a hand wherever needed, Conall's dedication and attention to detail are invaluable. His love for music shines through in everything he does, making him an integral part of the Chorus Studio team.

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