Well friends, we’ve made it through a year+ of the pandemic! The COVID numbers have dropped significantly, the city is coming alive again and slowly but surely, we’re starting to see a revival of live music and the performing arts! 


Even as we near the end of the pandemic and start readjusting to a new new way of life, we are immensely grateful to have been able to ride out the past year with our students and choir members. From the little moments like celebrating our daily little victories at choir rehearsal, being proud of the fact that we’re no longer mass crying during zoom rehearsals (happens a lot more than you’d think!), to the bigger things like opening our very own brick-and-mortar studio, hosting a virtual choir summit for the Greater Vancouver choral community, raising money for the Vancouver Crisis Centre and the Vancouver Food Bank AND producing viral COVID parody videos - we couldn’t have weathered 2020 without the love, support and encouragement from our community. In the midst of an incredibly challenging year, we are so thankful for the opportunity to continue being creative, sing (virtually) and serve our community. We were never alone. 


As things open up, we plan to gradually transition out of virtual offerings and do more in-person singing - while still being mindful of COVID-19 safety protocols, of course! The health and safety of our students, choir members and staff are at the forefront of our transition plans, and we intend to communicate any updates or changes to our services with full transparency.


During the summer, we are bringing back our beloved choirs in an outdoor format! As per the BCCDC guidelines and Public Health recommendations, outdoor activities are at a significantly lower risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus. To further reduce any risks to our members and staff, we implemented strict COVID-19 safety guidelines for all attendees, including: 


  • Staying 6 feet apart and wearing a mask at all times 

  • Requiring members to complete weekly COVID-19 screening questionnaires 

  • Requiring the use of hand sanitizer before the start of each rehearsal

  • Not permitting the sharing of sheet music, food and beverages


We recognize that the pace in returning to regular social activities will be different for everyone, and we want to respect and honour that. Our choirs will be here, when you feel ready and able to join us again!


Lastly, we would like to encourage you to do your part for the community and go get vaccinated (if you can)! From our community to yours, “when it’s your turn, go get it, please don’t wait.”