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Jodie Aguinaldo began her singing journey at 7 years old, when her elder sister was seeking a duet partner. At a very young age, Jodie learned to harmonize, perfecting her sense of pitch accuracy and intuitive ear for vocal arranging. She continued to evolve as a singer and musician, ultimately becoming a music conductor of Our Lady of Good Counsel’s Youth Choir from 2017 to 2021.


Jodie was hired as a stage hand at the Royal Canadian Theatre Company (RCTC) in 2018, and by the following year, she became the star of their show, playing the lead of Snow White in their production of the Snow White Pantomime. Jodie was a featured lead performer in Douglas College’s productions of Lovesick (2022), Ashgirl (2022), and the Royal Canadian Theatre Company's The Snow Queen: A Frozen Adventure (2022) and Cinderella (2023). "Jodie is not only astoundingly pretty, but she sings exactly like the Snow White in the Disney movie of the 1930s. She has a remarkable voice. She’s feisty, very princess-y, funny — an awesome young woman,” says Ellie King, RCTC founder and Managing Artistic Director.


Jodie taught musical theatre, piano, guitar, ukulele and voice at CW Music from 2021 to 2023 before joining the Chorus Studio team as a full-time instructor. She holds a Theatre Diploma from Douglas College and is trained in The Connection MethodProficient at teaching voice to singers of all ages and levels, Jodie is a favourite among young singers, with years of experience working in youth choirs and teaching children and teens.

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