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We house 4 contemporary choirs at Chorus Studio: YVR Pop Choir, B-Roll, Pacific Soul and Spotlight Choir. No audition is required! All levels are welcome in all of our choirs! The only requirement is that you can sing on pitch.


YVR Pop Choir sings pop, indie, rock, and soul music on Monday evenings. B-Roll sings R&B, pop, gospel, and soul music on Tuesdays. Pacific Soul is our most beginner-friendly choir that sings Motown, 90's R&B, and pop on Wednesdays. Spotlight sings musical theatre and dance-pop on Thursday evenings. Whichever choir you choose, singing with us is empowering, freeing and simply, FUN!


Our choirs are the heart of the Chorus Studio community with a distinct mission to be an inspiring, healing, and uplifting space where members come together to sing and fundraise for local charities. Since 2017, our benefit concerts have raised over $93,000 for charitable organizations such as VOKRA - Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue, Wildlife Rescue of BC, BC Crisis Centre, and the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre. 

Our choirs regularly perform at The Cultch Historic Theatre and The York Theatre. Our choirs were featured at the flagship TED conference, and we've even performed at Lincoln Centre in New York City! Furthermore, Disney, Uber and Translink have featured our choirs on marketing campaigns.

We believe there is magic to coming together with like-minded, creative people to sing and do good in the community. This magic fuels our studio, members, staff and audiences with good vibes to last us long after a choir rehearsal or concert.

Keep on reading below to learn more about our choirs! Are you interested in joining? We'd love to sing with you. Please send us an email to set up a meet and greet! 

Ready to join? Send us an email! We can't wait to sing with you.

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It all started with YVR POP CHOIR (YPC). Founded in 2016, this adult performance choir (16+) was formed out of Rebecca Lam's desire to connect her students to each other, provide more performance opportunities and contribute to local animal rescues. YPC has since been featured in press coverage in Canada and around the world, performing at TED2023, viral marketing campaigns with Disney, Uber and Translink and we've even performed in Lincoln Centre in New York City!

YVR POP CHOIR rehearses on Monday evenings and sings pop, indie, rock, and soul music with director Rebecca Lam. Performances are accompanied by the Chorus Studio House Band.


B-Roll is Vancouver's only R&B choir! This adult performance choir (16+) rehearses on Tuesday evenings and sings R&B, gospel, pop and soul music with director Rebecca Lam. Performances are accompanied by the Chorus Studio House Band.

Our performance choirs (YVR & B-Roll) tend to pick up extra gigs throughout the year. If you enjoy performing more challenging music and high paced rehearsals, these are the choirs for you! 


Pacific Soul Choir is a soulful, beginner-friendly choir that sings a perfect blend of Motown, 90's R&B, and contemporary soul. Curated and directed by the mash-up king, Richard Pinto, this adult community choir (16+) will soothe your spirit with groovy and dynamic jams.

While all of our choirs are accessible to singers of all levels, Pacific Soul is the most beginner friendly. If you are new to singing or just returning from a long hiatus, this is your crew! 


Pacific Soul rehearses on Wednesday evenings. Performances are accompanied by the Chorus Studio House Band. 


Spotlight is an energetic, modern choir that sings musical theatre show tunes, and dance-pop hits! Led by the inimitable Jared Suitor, this adult community choir (16+) will light you up with chaotic good energy! If you are a grown-up theatre kid who misses the feeling of preparing for a show with a group of passionate singers, this choir is for you!


Spotlight rehearses on Thursday evenings. Performances are accompanied by the Chorus Studio House Band. 

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