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The pursuit of music education without the application of performance is like buying the freshest ingredients, using the best kitchen tools, and techniques to prepare a dish without serving it! At Chorus Studio, we believe that practicing performance is an integral part of a singer’s journey. Music is meant to be shared and felt by a community. Music connects us, human to human, and reminds us of our joy, heartache, resilience, power, and shared experience of life.


From learning to harmonize and blend with others in groups to refining your soloist chops, Chorus Studio provides a variety of performance opportunities to help you hone your skills and express your soul!

We often view performance as an end result when in fact, each performance is also a practice. You must practice performing to get over the nerves surrounding it. Singers Circle is an ongoing group workshop that will provide the performance experience you need to take your solo singing to the next level!


You'll learn to sing with confidence, authenticity and the freedom to express true meaning behind the music. Click the button above to learn more about Singers Circle! 

Students of Chorus Studio are invited to perform at ​bi-annual recitals with professional live musicians in the spring and fall! Recitals serve to give our students a goal to work towards in their private lessons and workshops. They are a celebration of all the hard work our students and teachers pour into their craft! Click the button above to learn more about our student recitals!

All are welcome at Chorus Studio's bi-monthly Open Mic Night! Join us on the first Saturday of every other month and sing a song, read a poem, tell a few jokes or simply sit back and enjoy the show! Our Open Mic Nights are casual, dynamic, and just the right amount of awkward. They are the perfect event to try out new material in front of a listening and supportive crowd. Click the button above to learn more about our Open Mic Nights!

Not ready for an Open Mic? Or are you itching to goof off and rock it on stage? Sing your heart out to an enthusiastic and supportive audience at our bi-monthly Karaoke Night! Join us on the first Saturday of every other month to belt out your favourite tune or sit back for guaranteed hilarious times! Our Karaoke Nights are friendly, silly, and FUN. Come and get loose, while loading up some performance hours for your vocal practice. Click the button above to learn more about our Karaoke Nights!

Not ready to sing a solo yet? Join one of our choirs! YVR Pop Choir, B-Roll, Pacific Soul and Spotlight perform many concerts per year at local theatres such as The York Theatre and The Cultch Historic Theatre. With over 140 members, our diverse and inclusive choirs are the heart of our community. Sing pop, indie, Musical Theatre and R&B songs you know and love with an uplifting and inspiring group of people! Click the button above to learn more about our performance choirs!

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