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One-on-one lessons are the foundation of a singer’s musical journey. Whether you are looking to focus on your voice or learn how to accompany yourself on piano or guitar, our teachers are here to provide guidance. Read about our teachers’ bios, rates and what they teach by clicking above.

Learn alongside your fellow musicians in our group classes and workshops! Whether it is a performance masterclass, production workshop or sing-along session, we believe in learning from each other and that everyone brings their own unique musicality to the table. Learn more about our various group classes by clicking the button above.

We sing to express our emotions, experiences and perspectives. We perform to convey these aspects of ourselves to the world and connect with each other.


Whether you feel at home embracing the big stage as a soloist, or you feel most comfortable receiving and contributing energy that is inherent amongst a chorus of voices, we have many different performance opportunities that will cater to your performance journey. Click above for information on our performance classes!

Developed by our senior instructor Rebecca Lam, The Connection Method utilizes a functional, holistic vocal pedagogy that will allow you to sing with balance, power and control throughout your vocal range, authentic emotional expression and confident stage presence. Find out more about the Connection Method by clicking above.

Looking to get in a little extra learning to tide you over until your next class? Click the button above to browse our educational resources which include downloadable PDFs, informational graphics and charts, articles, videos and more!

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