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Welcome to our resources page! Here, you will find free, educational materials that were created by our teachers.

As a singer, the plethora of information (and oftentimes, misinformation) out there can be daunting. We’ve developed this comprehensive page of resources to help you cut through the noise and get to singing! Our curated list of articles, videos, handouts and more serve to complement the tools and skills you’ve developed through your vocal lessons and provide you with straightforward, no-fuss tools that will help you achieve your goals of singing with ease and freedom.

On this page, you may find educational resources such as:

  • How to practice mindfully and efficiently

  • A primer on vowels and how different vowels encourage different sound qualities (e.g., brighter vs. darker sounds)

  • Vocal health tips

  • Common vocal tendencies and how to spot your own

  • And much more!

As educators, we believe in giving back to our community by sharing our knowledge and expertise as a way to foster interest and passion in the pursuit of music. That is why we have made this list of resources available to the public! We hope you find these resources helpful on your journey to become a musically savvy, well-informed singer.

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Vintage Mic

Signs of Vocal Imbalance

A comparison chart for singers of all levels to check for vocal imbalances. Click to download!


How to Practice

Written by head teacher, Rebecca Lam, this article offers tips and strategies for singers of all levels to optimize their practice regimen!

Paige Gorsak 1_edited.jpg

3 Essential Health Principles for Singers

Learn how to cultivate a consistently healthy voice in this article written by head teacher, Rebecca Lam.

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