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At Chorus Studio, we are proud to present a student recital that is a celebration of our passionate, dedicated students and an acknowledgement of the time, effort and commitment they have poured into honing their vocal, instrumental and performance skills. 

Chorus Studio operates with the motto that no matter your singing background or experience, there is always an opportunity to work towards a greater goal! 


Whether it is to share your voice with a larger audience for the first time, perform a song with self-accompaniment, or refine your mic technique and performance chops, we believe that the experience of performing allows us to grow and evolve as musicians.

Students must receive approval from a Chorus Studio instructor in order to participate. The next student recital is on December 17 at 4 PM. Click below to get your tickets!


Tickets are by donation. Proceeds from the ticket sales will go towards compensating Chorus Studio teachers for generously investing extra time and work in preparing for this recital. Thank you for your support. We hope to see you there!


Singing and performing to an audience allows us to share and express parts of our beings that cannot be conveyed by words alone. We are connected to one another by the universal experiences of love, grief, joy, empowerment and courage that can be found in many of our favourite songs. At the core, we sing because we want to feel connected to other people. We want our individuality, experiences and artistry to be seen and heard. Performing to an audience enables us to do so and allows us to display our vulnerability and humanity in a safe space.

Ready to take your singing journey to the next level? If the idea of performing resonates with you, your Chorus Studio instructor is here to help you advance from singing in the shower to sharing your musical journey with our community.

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