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Welcome to the Chorus Studio blog! Here, you will find our musings on the current state of the world (oh, and what a state it is in!) and our reflections on leadership, the challenges of starting and running a small business, education and the power of music. 

It is our hope that this blog provides you with inspiration, motivation, or even a little respite from the realities of daily life. As business owners and women of colour, we want to highlight the experiences, challenges and victories that come with operating a music studio – in a world where the voices and narratives of Asian women are still vastly underrepresented. As people who deal with mental illness, we want to do our part to normalize having conversations around mental health, in a world where productivity and accomplishments often come at the expense of mental and spiritual wellbeing. As musicians and educators, we want to share the joy and nourishment we find through music, and remind you that there is a community full of music enthusiasts out here who are looking forward to connecting with you.

We also blog with the goal of helping ourselves – by sharing our experiences, being open about our struggles with mental health and talking about our journeys, we are able to convey our true, authentic selves and feel seen and heard. Writing, like music, is an ultimate form of self-expression. We write to release the thoughts percolating in our head out into the world, and as a form of self-care. We feel incredibly privileged and grateful to have you bear witness to our journey. Thank you for being here!

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