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The Connection Method (TCM) is a vocal education method unique to Chorus Studio. TCM balances vocal technique with style and performance technique. Develop functional and effective vocal skills, explore a variety of styles, perform in a safe environment, gain confidence, connect with other collaborative and passionate singers, and repeat. Our teachers will teach you to sing with ease, evenness and power, express your soul with style and perform with genuine confidence.

Led by Rebecca Lam, an international vocal coach of 15+ years, our team of teachers are talented, skilled and passionate about helping singers of all levels discover their true voices using The Connection Method. Chorus Studio's private voice lessons for teens and adults are available in-person in Vancouver, Canada or around the world online. 


There are 4 Pillars to the vocal technique of The Connection Method: Breath Management, Pitch Coordination, Resonance, Control and Maintenance. Mastery of the 4 Pillars will enable you to sing evenly and effortlessly throughout your vocal range. From there, you choose what you want to sing and how you want to sing!


Learn how to optimize your breathing for singing. We'll teach you to power your instrument with diaphragmatic breathing. Then, we'll teach you to manage and regulate the airflow with vocal exercises that encourage a beautiful, smooth and resonant tone throughout your range.


Condition your voice to sing in tune with ease and precision. Expand your vocal range and learn to sing smoothly from the bottom to the top of your voice. Smooth over any vocal cracks or breaks with personally customized vocal exercises, then apply your newfound skills to your favourite songs. We'll teach you the skills you need to sing with confidence.


Calibrate your vocal tone to project fully, freely and beautifully. Learn how to optimize and play with the sound of your voice to best suit your favourite genre of music. We'll teach you to sing with the kind of resonance that gives you goosebumps and keeps you coming back for more.


Our goal is to teach singers of all levels to sing in their true, authentic voice. We want to teach you to sing in a free and natural manner, with no breaks or sudden changes in tone from the bottom to the top of your voice. Through functional vocal technique, we'll teach you the skills you need to sing with tonal clarity, emotional expression and the flexibility to sing your favourite songs.


Singing with style is a celebration of two things: self-reflection and creative expression. It is knowing who we are on the inside and knowing how to express ourselves on the outside through the voice. It is connecting with the meaning in the music; it is when the singer is one with the melody, rhythm, lyrics. Style development begins when a singer has an adequate handle on the 4 PIllars of technique in The Connection Method. To quote Pablo Picasso, "Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist."

Can style be taught? Absolutely. Yes. 100%. How do we know this? Because we learned to sing with style too. And we've taught hundreds of singers to do the same. Our teachers are skilled style technicians, capable of breaking down complex style concepts such as rhythm and groove, phrasing, storytelling, riffs and runs, vocal arrangement, playing with tone, sustains and vibrato, into digestible exercises and comprehensive repertoire application.

Learn to celebrate your voice and sing with style. We'll guide you to discover the magic in your unique voice.



Once a singer has achieved a healthy balance in their voice and when they feel ready, we provide in-house performance opportunities at our community choir performances, Singers Circle workshops, open mic nights, karaoke nights, student recitals and theatre productions. These opportunities help novice singers to further improve their skills and confidence.

For beginner singers, joining one of our dynamic community choirs is the perfect way to dip your toes into performance! Sing with like-minded, kind and encouraging creatives, who are passionate about music! 


Beginner, intermediate and advanced singers alike will benefit from our Singers Circle workshops: an ongoing, monthly group class that targets style and performance technique. We often view performance as an end result when in fact, each performance is also a practice. You must practice performing to get over the nerves surrounding it. This class will provide the performance experience you need to take your solo singing to the next level! You'll learn to sing with confidence, authenticity and the freedom to express true meaning behind the music.

Intermediate and advanced singers are encouraged to take part in our Open Mic Nights and audition for solos in our theatre productions! Our student recitals present students of all levels to practice performing in a safe, encouraging, challenging and inspiring environment.

Want to learn more? Book a lesson today with one of our skilled and passionate teachers!

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