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Marie Hui

Vancouver Whitecaps Anthem singer, Lead Singer of Groove & Tonic, Leftcoast and Famous Players Band

"Of all the vocal teachers in Vancouver, I chose to see Rebecca, not only because she's a wealth of knowledge in keeping vocal chords healthy, but also because she does what I do - she performs all the time and can relate with me and my vocal issues. Rebecca has taught me many valuable techniques that have saved my voice, and in only a few lessons! I would definitely recommend her to any singer - beginners to experienced vocalists. Thanks Rebecca!" 


Reuben Avery

Professional trumpet player, vocalist and Band Leader of The Phonix

"Rebecca's instruction has drastically changed the way I approach my voice.  The technique she teaches has helped me to expand my range of vocal possibilities, enjoy singing more and take better care of my vocal cords.  As an honours graduate with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies, I have had a fair amount of music instruction in my life and I can quite honestly say that Rebecca is right up there with the very best.  Not only as an instructor, but as a performer as well.  Her powerful voice and warm stage presence are an amazing combo on any stage - so amazing in fact that I have hired her numerous times to perform with my 9-piece Funk, Soul and R&B band, simply because I know she will rock it every time.  As a bonus, she happens to be very friendly, incredibly supportive and persistently optimistic.  Book her today...she is worth every penny you will pay." 


Mike Bell

Lead singer and Multi-instrumentalist of The Living and The Whiskeydicks; Owner of Mid City Music Studio

"My first lesson with Rebecca blew me away. With her box of tricks she made some simple tweaks to my voice that instantly increased power and reduced vocal strain. Thanks to her I can easily sing through several long gigs in a row and still be ready for more. Her easy to understand way of explaining vocal concepts and her mastery of singing have inspired me as a teacher and singer."


Jerrica Santos

R&B recording artist, Canadian Idol and The Voice finalist, Grand Canadian Karaoke Champion

"Rebecca has been an extremely valuable vocal coach and mentor.   My experience with Rebecca has been absolutely pleasant and helpful in developing excellent vocal technique!  Her approach to coaching is very clear and direct with a high level of understanding of the voice and vocal technique.  Every question and technique I have sought to improve,  for example control of my vibrato and strength in my top range,  she has provided me with excellent exercises and techniques that I have been using and continuing to see excellent results and improvement!  In addition to excellent vocal coaching,  she is extremely knowledgeable and connected in the music industry that allows myself as an artist to find opportunities through her to showcase my artistry in local events and gigs." 


Anthony Luneberg


"Jared is incredible teacher. From beginner to expert he has all the tools and knowledge in order to take you to the next level. You can bring any song and he’ll teach you. You can know nothing about how to compose your own songs and he will take you through the gamut of theory to get you started. I can’t speak highly enough and you will certainly leave every lesson a more complete player."


Gracelle Messina


"Richard is an incredible singer and guitarist, and a super human being. Collaborating and performing with him is effortless and comfortable. He has no ego (but he could justify having one because he has the talent to back it up). He's also reliable, trustworthy, patient, and knows exactly what he's doing!"


Helen Del Val


"Richard is a pro - highly skilled. Fantastic singer, guitar player and performer. On top of all that he’s easy to work with - really fast, flexible and fun. I’d work with Richard in a heartbeat!"


Koichi Nakamura

Singer, Voice Teacher and Owner of Ko Vocal Studio

"I am a voice teacher, and I was looking for a piano teacher since my sight-reading and piano skills needed to improve. Through lessons with Rachel, I've learned so much about fundamental piano techniques and how to read sheet music. I'm now able to read music and play piano thanks to all her help. What I really like about her lessons is that she is always prepared and provides all the necessary materials for me to improve my technique. Her step by step and easy to follow teaching approach helped me so much to grow not only my piano skills but overall musical ability. I'd highly recommend Rachel's lessons to anyone who wants to improve playing the piano."

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