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Singers Circle is our monthly vocal performance workshop for singers of all levels. This group class has proven to help singers manage their stage fright by teaching them actual 👏🏻performance 👏🏻skills👏🏻. We like to say, “Confidence is preparation and experience.”

How does one go from singing in private to confidently performing on stage? We can feel grounded while singing in the comfort of a voice lesson or our own homes, but once we step on a stage, the experience can be entirely different! This is why we created Singers Circle.

Singers Circle is a performance workshop where singers can practice performing to an audience while receiving coaching from skilled, knowledgeable, supportive, and experienced teachers. Our instructors are highly trained voice teachers and working musicians with plenty of stage experience. In Singers Circle, singers take turns performing to each other while receiving coaching from our instructors. In the process, singers learn mic technique, how to perform with an accompanist, how to transform stage anxiety into energy for the performance, stage movement, and more. Singers Circle teaches the skills you need to feel prepared and present during your performances, offering freedom, power, and joy in your musical journey!


Each singer is allotted 10-15 minutes of performance time and coaching. Cohorts observe, support, and learn from each other. You’re vulnerable with each other. You practice courage and creativity with each other.

In Singers Circle, you’ll receive performance-focussed coaching on:

  • Choosing the right song

  • Vocal technique

  • Vocal arranging and style

  • Storytelling, communication and stage presence

  • Overcoming performance anxiety

  • How to better accompany your vocals on piano or guitar

  • How to work with an accompanist

  • How to prepare charts for accompanists

  • Microphone technique

  • and more!


We offer two versions of Singers Circle: one taught by Rebecca Lam and Jared Suitor, and the other taught by Marie Hui and Richard Pinto. If you want to improve your performance skills and boost your confidence on stage, this workshop is made for you!


Registration for the next session is now open!​ Click the button below to book your spot now! For more information, please don't hesitate to email us.

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