Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive, creative and uplifting community by providing meaningful music education and performance opportunities to singers of all levels.




We believe that the people are the heart of our organization and community. We understand that each person’s experience with music is different and aim to meet our students where they are at in their musical journeys.  We seek to approach each situation with empathy, humour, and compassion. 




We approach our work with a collaborative mindset and support one another in our tasks, successes, and setbacks. We show our respect for each other by communicating and showing up for each other.


We believe in learning from one another and understand that each person contributes to, and enhances our community in their own unique way.





We strive to serve our community and clients through setting high standards for our education and customer service. 


We seek to continuously innovate and improve our processes through constant reflection on our consumers’ needs. We are diligent in our pursuit of knowledge, musicianship, and opportunities that will serve our community.





We provide a space where members of the community feel safe and free to express their musicianship and artistry. 


We are not set in our ways and are open to learning from one another to further improve our craft.




We take ownership of our roles within the organization and hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards of integrity. 


We take accountability for our actions and decisions, are honest with our mistakes and are willing to take the necessary steps to improve.