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Send us an email! All levels are welcome. 

You must be 16+ years of age to join YVR Pop Choir, B-Roll, Pacific Soul and Spotlight. New members are required to audition.​ Auditions are quick and easy! We just need to know that you can match pitch and you'll be good to go.


  1. Because singing is HELLA GOOD FOR YOU. Singing changes your brain by releasing endorphins and oxytocin, known to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

  2. We are an incomparable choir in this city. We are diverse, chill, modern, soulful and just the right amount of awkward. You can be yourself here.

  3. We sing songs you know by artists you love. No offence to old school, classical choirs but there's none of that here. From Hozier to Beyonce, we cover contemporary artists with a live band.

  4. You're going to meet some great people. We are friendly, funny, kind and inspiring. We believe everyone deserves to share their voice. We cherish the uniqueness of each individual and have each others' backs as a group. We take ourselves just seriously enough to make good music. And we goof off just enough so you leave every rehearsal or event with a genuine smile on your face.

Ready to join? Send us an email! We can't wait to sing with you.

Thanks for submitting!

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