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I got more than I bargained for when I joined this choir, in the best way! The people are so welcoming and very down to earth, the rehearsals are great fun and Rebecca's arrangements are incredible. I leave with a smile on my face every week!


This choir gave me the space to feel free. Not just creatively but on a spiritual level. The song choices are always great, the rehearsals are always fun, the people are always lovely. Even if I'm having a bad day and I'm really tired and I don't feel like singing, I just have to show up and start and it rejuvenates me right away. Even if you're not sure, come and watch a session. 


Joining the Chorus Studio community is the best thing I have done as an adult!
As someone not sporty and lacking hobbies who loved to sing and dance and have fun, it was a great fit to give me some purpose outside of work. Being able to have something to commit to and be part of has helped me through the return to normality since covid.

I have made friends, learnt to perform, improved my singing, cuddled a lot of people’s dogs and danced to Lizzo on the regular - all things I never would have done if I didn’t join.

Rebecca & Rachel have created a studio with a place for everyone from the loud to the quiet and goofy to serious. As creatives and business owners you cannot find any better!


Since I joined Chorus Studio's Pacific Soul Choir at the end of August last year, my life has changed for the better. Not only have I been surrounded by so much love and support which has helped me move past many personal barriers, I am now a part of a wonderful community that I consider family. The group of like-minded, genuine and kind-hearted people I have in my life now because of Chorus Studio makes my heart so full. All the staff at Chorus Studio are super talented, professional and the best at what they do. I have worked with Richard, Rachel and Rebecca who are all amazing directors who provide a safe and supportive space for you to get out of your comfort zone and go after your musical passions with an energetic and fun atmosphere. It's what I look forward to every week! I'm so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community and I look forward to growing with them as I continue my musical journey :)

Joining the Chorus Studio has been one of the highlights of living in Canada for me. I moved here not knowing anyone and somehow through joining choir I've made a bunch of amazing friends and have had a ton of opportunites to sing and perform around the city!

The YVR Pop Choir meets weekly and it's such a fun and welcoming group. The set list changes each term and the variety of songs means there's always something you can work to improve on vocally, which is something I love! The team running the studio are super friendly as well as being extremly supportive in training each section of the choir to sing to their fullest potential. In my short time with the studio I feel like I've learned and grown so much as a singer.

Even if you don't want to join one of the choirs there's still opportunites to perform at the open mic's or karaoke nights that the studio run! The Chorus Studio is such a safe, welcoming and encouraging space for any and all singers and peformers, regardless of skill or level. My weekly choir rehearsals, the events run by the studio, and the performances we get to take part in, are all things I look forward to every week!

If you're in any way interested in singing, performing, or just being around a lovely group of people, I cannot recommend the Chorus Studio enough!

I've been a member of Chorus Studio since they were just one small choir (YVR Pop Choir) in 2017. I felt welcomed into their community almost immediately and have made many dear friends over the last few years. Rebecca and her team just attract good people.

Being part of YVR Pop Choir has been an uplifting, life affirming, joyous experience. There is nothing quite like singing with a choir. If you like pop, indie, or R&B music, the Chorus studio choirs have the best vibes.

Everyone in the community is so supportive and willing to work together. Rebecca provides creative, energetic, and insightful direction during rehearsal, and practice tracks for each section so even singers with very little musical background can easily learn their parts.

I've learned so much about music, rhythm, and my own voice since I joined the choir. A 30-min vocal lesson with any of the instructors at Chorus Studio is a real eye-opener and can give you a lot of insight into your strengths and weaknesses, whether you are preparing for a solo performance or just want to learn more about your instrument. If you want to be in the solo spotlight, Singers Circle is the perfect place to gain confidence performing for an audience.

If you have any interest in singing with a choir or taking voice, guitar, or piano lessons, I can't recommend Chorus Studio enough. Did I mention proceeds from our concerts benefit local charities? What could be better than supporting a small, BIPOC, female-owned business and giving back to the larger community?



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