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Winter Singing Tips

Updated: Jan 7

Hello singing friends,

With the recent snowfall in Vancouver, winter has officially hit the Lower Mainland! Humidity levels have dropped from the average levels of 60-80% down to 20-30%! With our heaters cranked up to fight the cold, you may notice your skin feeling dry, eyes getting itchy, lips chapping up and that no matter how much water you drink, you feel dehydrated. These signs all point to a dry voice as well!

This is a quick PSA to singers of all levels to turn on the humidifier (or purchase one if you don't have one already!), drink at least 2 litres of water per day and take it easy. A pinch of salt or some electrolytes in water is also recommended. We need moisture to lubricate the vocal folds for balanced phonation. Now is not the time to explore vocal growling or rock screaming. Save the extreme sounds for when the indoor humidity levels return to normal.

Stay healthy, hydrated and warm. Your voice will thank you.

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1 Comment

That’s really good to know. Thanks!

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