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Tassja is a lifelong vocal enthusiast and choir nerd. Her passion for music began as a child of a musical family and flourished through playing piano and singing in choirs, vocal jazz ensemble, and musical theatre throughout her childhood and teenage years. 


After a choir hiatus to focus on post-secondary education and work toward her career as a marketing professional, Tassja found her way back to choir life with YVR Pop Choir. What she didn’t expect was how essential the community would become to her and the incredible opportunities it would bring. Tassja has been fortunate enough to appear with fellow choir members in an Uber Vancouver Christmas carol commercial, Disney’s The Lion King flashmob guerrilla marketing campaign, and the flagship TED Conference of 2023.


With a passion for photography, Tassja decided to assist as Chorus Studio’s in-house photographer. You might also recognize her as the Master of Ceremony at our benefit concerts and a soprano soloist in Spotlight Choir. Tassja is honoured and humbled to work with the talented and passionate Chorus Studio team. 

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