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At the tender age of 10, Nova Lupton began their musical journey, weaving a spell as a talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Starting with the haunting tones of the cello, they soon ventured into the mysteries of piano and bass guitar, while cultivating a soprano voice that evokes moonlit serenades.

As a luminary at the College of Idaho, Nova's presence in the musical realm is both striking and profound. Their talents grace the 'Orchid Orchestra,' a collective that recently captivated audiences with their debut EP 'Love in the Afternoon,' immersing listeners in a world of shadowed romance. Whether harmonizing with the YVR Pop Choir and B-Roll or crafting darkly poetic arrangements as part of the Emo/Goth ensemble 'Midnight,' Nova's versatility knows no bounds.

A notable highlight in their symphonic chronicle was their collaboration with Sacra/Profana during the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds Tour, an enchanting moment at Comic-Con in 2013. Drawing inspiration from muses such as Evanescence, Adele, and Nightwish, Nova effortlessly bridges the gap between timeless classical melodies and the evocative rhythms of today.


Clad in vast musical knowledge and radiating a warmth akin to candlelight, Nova stands as a skilled instructor and a guiding lantern, empowering their students to embrace their songful destinies. Their dedication to their craft and ability to transcend musical boundaries make them a true force to be reckoned with in the realm of music.


Nova is trained in The Connection Method and teaches voice to students of all levels. Caring, genuine, and supportive, Nova is uniquely gifted at guiding singers to discover their true voice.

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