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Nova's love for music began at a young age. As a child and teenager, they sang in school choirs and played the cello, performing in four orchestras, and two choirs, and as the lead singer in her church's worship band. Their impressive musical background culminated in them becoming the first chair cellist in the prestigious Magic Valley Youth Orchestra in Idaho. Beyond the classroom, they have lent their talents to several prestigious choral ensembles, including the TFHS Chamber Choir, CSI's Madrigals, the College of Idaho Chamber Choir, the C of I Jazz Choir, and Sacra/Profana, who performed during the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds Tour in 2013 at the start of Comic Con. In addition to their choral work, Nova has showcased their vocal prowess in local theatre productions such as 'My Fair Lady’,  ‘Crazy For You’ and 'The Tales of Hoffman: ’Til Death Do Us Part’. 

Nova sings in the soprano section of YVR Pop Choir and B-Roll, where they often shine as soloists. They were also a member of the indie band 'Orchid Orchestra', where they showcased their talents as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. In addition to singing, Nova is a skilled musician who plays the piano, cello, and bass.

Nova is a talented and dedicated voice teacher who is passionate about helping her students find their true, authentic voices. Through a personalized approach, they guide them in developing their technique, expression, and confidence, empowering them to become the best vocalists they can be. Their love for music is truly boundless, with a particular affinity for pop ballads and symphonic metal.

Whether you're just starting your singing journey or looking to take your skills to the next level, Nova's expertise and personalized guidance can help you overcome challenges, build confidence, and discover the power of your voice. Prepare to embark on an exciting voyage of self-discovery as you explore the depths of your vocal abilities under Nova's guidance.


Nova is trained in The Connection Method and teaches voice to students of all levels. Caring, genuine, and supportive, Nova is uniquely gifted at guiding singers to discover their true voice.

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