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Parisa Peyman and Thomas Pearson have been working as a photography team since 2018 under the name Pey + Pear Photography. They predominately focus on wedding photography but have also worked on headshots, family portraits, and other events. Both Parisa and Thomas have been interested in photography since childhood and are finally making their dreams a reality together. 


Parisa joined the choir in 2019 and immediately felt at home with our incredible community. With no expectation of becoming a member of the team, she one day brought her camera into practice with her and decided to brave photographing the rehearsal. She has been photographing YVR POP CHOIR and B-Roll ever since. Thomas was brought into the team as the event photographer and with the two of them working together, no special moment goes uncaptured!


Parisa and Thomas have always expressed an interest in both photography and music, making them the perfect duo to capture all those special musical moments; both in rehearsals and during shows. Parisa spent her high school years immersed in choir, vocal jazz, and musical theatre; while Thomas has been making music, both on his own and in collaboration with others, for 10+ years. Their goal as the Chorus Studio’s photographers is to capture every special moment and memory made by the community. 

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