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Rebecca is the co-founder and creative director of Chorus Studio. A professional vocalist and vocal coach since 2006, Rebecca has performed on stage in Vancouver, Canada and across Europe. She has taught hundreds of singers of all abilities locally and internationally, from beginners to record label signed artists.

Her training began with Speech Level Singing: a vocal method founded by Maestro Seth Riggs, legendary vocal coach to Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. Rebecca has students across Canada and the USA, as well as Australia, Europe, South America and Asia. She teaches private lessons and workshops internationally. Her client list includes singers of contemporary music, as well as voice teachers, actors and people with injured voices in recovery. She is the creator of The Connection Method, a system that teaches singers functional vocal technique, self-expression, performance through community and collaboration.

Rebecca has performed with Juno-Award winning artists such as Brian Doerkson and Devin Townsend. In 2016, Rebecca was nominated for a YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the category of Arts and Culture for her work as a performer and voice teacher in the Vancouver music community.

As the founder and music director of YVR POP CHOIR and B-ROLL, Rebecca is an inspiring leader and respected musician. Her love for community is undeniable and her passion for music is inspiring and infectious. Rebecca is a dynamic and masterful teacher, capable of breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible nuggets of wisdom.

Chorus Studio was formed out of Rebecca’s desire to create a community where singers of all levels would feel empowered to be creative, soulful and free to express themselves within an inclusive environment. Inspired by the abundance of meaningful, authentic connections that developed within YVR POP CHOIR and B-ROLL, Rebecca’s goal is to continue to amplify and grow this supportive, encouraging community of musicians – especially in an industry and world that craves human connection, now more than ever.

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