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Valentina has always had a deep passion for music and the performing arts. According to her family, she was singing and dancing before she could even walk or talk! As a child and teenager, Valentina was actively involved in school choirs, bands, and musicals, honing her natural talents.

However, after high school, Valentina found it challenging to find consistent singing opportunities. After taking a break from music for many years, Valentina found her way back to her voice at Chorus Studio through private lessons and singing in the alto section of Spotlight choir. Her dedication and leadership skills have also led her to take on the role of section leader within the choir.

Interestingly, Valentina's passion for music and performance is balanced by her work as a Pipeline Technical Director at an animation studio. There, she spends her time tackling coding challenges, which appeals to her problem-solving nature. This unique blend of creative and analytical skills makes Valentina a valuable asset to both Chorus Studio and her animation studio.

In her role as the Chorus Studio administrator, Valentina handles a wide range of responsibilities, from choir member registrations and lesson bookings to email communications and more. Her attention to detail and organizational prowess keep our studio running like a well-oiled machine. We’re truly grateful to have Valentina as part of our team. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and love for music have been instrumental in creating the vibrant, welcoming community that Chorus Studio is known for.

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